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Development and Learning Perception& Action Controland Decision Making Language Concepts and Categories
ComputationalNeuroscience Perceptionand Action Motor Control Multisensory Integration
Cognitive Development Development& Learning Perceptual Learning Neural Plasticity
Language Sign Languages Prosody Speech Acquisition
Conceptsand Categories NumericalCognition Neural Representation Object Knowledge
Control& Decision Rational Choices Reward Neuroeconomics
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Our Focus

Exploring how abilities depend upon the brain.
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Our Programs

Nationally ranked PhD and unique bachelor's degrees.
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Our Research

Understanding behavior and its process.

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Research using eye-tracking with a baby

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We have established a list of names of students who may be willing to take part in research conducted by members of our department. All participation in our experiments is for pay and is entirely voluntary.

If you are interested in being included in the list, researchers in the department will contact you for individual experiments, usually via email, and you can decide whether you are interested in being in any particular experiment at that time or simply decline to answer.

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