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If you're interested in our research but would like to be spared the mathematical details, click here to read an excellent summary of our recent work written by Yohannes Edemariam in 2007 for the magazine Seed.




Several postdoc positions are available at the university of Geneva, Switzerland, in Sept 2011, where I will be located next year. Click here for more details.






Selected Publications 

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Please note that multiple distribution, publication or commercial usage of this copyrighted papers would require submission of a permission request addressed to the journal in which the paper appeared.

Not noisy, just wrong. The impact of approximate inference on neuronal and behavioral variability.
Beck, J., Ma, W..J., Latham, P.E. and Pouget, A.

Neuron. 74(1):30-9. 2012. PDF.

Neural correlates of reliability-based cue weighting during multisensory integration.
Fetsch, C.R., Pouget, A., DeAngelis, A.G.C. and Angelaki, D.E.

Nature Neuroscience. 15(1):146-54.818. 2012. PDF.

Marginalization in neural circuits with divisive normalization. Beck, J., Latham, P.E. and Pouget, A.

Journal of Neuroscience. 31(43):15310 –15319. 2011. PDF.

Bayesian sampling in visual perception
Moreno-Bote, R., Knill, D.C., and Pouget, A.

PNAS. 108(30):12491-6. 2011.PDF including suppl info.


Behavioral and neural basis of near optimal visual search.
Ma, W.J., Navalpakkam, V., Beck, J.M. , van den Berg, R., Pouget, A.

Nature Neuroscience. 14(6):783-90. 2011.

PDF. Suppl info.


Perceptual learning as improved probabilistic inference in early sensory areas
Bejjanki, V.R., Beck, J.M. , Lu, Z.L. , Pouget, A.

Nature Neuroscience. 14(5):642-8. 2011. PDF. Suppl info.


Variance as a signature of neural computations during decision making.

Churchland, A.K., Kiani, R., Chaudhuri, R., Wang, X.J., Pouget, A., and Shadlen, M.N.

Neuron. 69(4):818-31. 2011. PDF


Improved probabilistic inference as a general learning mechanism with action video games.

Green, C.S., Pouget, A. and Bavelier, D.

Current Biology.  2010 Sep 14;20(17):1573-9. PDF.

Suppl info

BBC podcast. Summaries on The economist and BBC


Probabilistic population codes for Bayesian decision making.
Beck, J., Ma, W.J., Kiani, R., Hanks, T., Churchland, A.K., Roitman, J., Shadlen, M.N, Latham, P.E. and Pouget, A.
Neuron. 26;60(6):1142-52. 2008. PDF Suppl Note  Preview by Salinas. Summaries on CNN and Scientific American

Bayesian inference with probabilistic population codes.
Ma, W.J., Beck, J., Latham, P. and Pouget, A.
Nature Neuroscience. 9(11), 1432-1438. 2006. PDF Suppl Note N&V by Salinas

Neural correlations, population coding and computation.
Averbeck, B., Latham, P.E., Pouget, A.
Nature Review Neuroscience. 7, 358-366. 2006.  PDF


 Reference frames for representing the location of visual and tactile stimuli in the parietal cortex.
Avilllac, M., Denève, S., Olivier, E., Pouget, A. and Duhamel, J.R.
Nature Neuroscience. 8(7). 941-949. 2005.  PDF


Tuning curve sharpening for orientation selectivity: coding efficiency and the impact of correlations   
Series, P., Latham, P. and Pouget, A.
Nature Neuroscience. 7(10):1129-1135. 2004. PDF


Basis functions for object-centered representations.
Deneve, S. and Pouget, A.
Neuron 37:347-359. 2003. PDF


A Computational Perspective on the Neural Basis of Multisensory Spatial Representations.
Pouget, A., Deneve, S and Duhamel, J.R.
Nature Review Neuroscience. 3:741-747. 2002. PDF


Efficient computation and cue integration with noisy population codes.

Deneve, S., Latham, P.E. and Pouget, A.

Nature Neuroscience. 4(8):826-831. 2001. PDF

Revised appendix with correct parameters


Computational approaches to sensorimotor transformations.

Pouget, A., and Snyder, L.

Nature Neuroscience. 3:1192-1198. 2000. PDF


Information processing with population codes.

Pouget, A, Zemel, R.S., and Dayan, P.

Nature Review Neuroscience. 1(2):125-132. 2000. PDF


Reading population codes: a neural implementation of ideal observers.
Deneve, S., Latham, P.E. and Pouget, A.
Nature Neuroscience. 2(8):740-745. 1999. PDF