NIRS analysis software

The Rochester and Trieste labs have purchased Hitachi ETG-4000 systems outfitted with both adult (3 cm) and infant (2 cm) probes. The Trieste lab (located in a hospital in neighboring Udine) also has custom 3 cm infant probes.

The Rochester lab is developing a set of analysis tools. Download pdf of the block diagram of how NIRS data must be analyzed to obtain hemodynamic responses.

The Trieste lab has developed a set of Matlab routines for downloading the raw data from the Hitachi machine and performing analyses to measure the activations present in each of 24 channels after appropriate filtering.

Download pdf manual that describes these Matlab routines.

The Birkbeck lab is developing an infant version of the Delpy NIRS system which will be ready for pilot testing in the Summer of 2006.

Two other labs have developed Matlab code for analysis of NIRS data:

  • John Gore's group at Vanderbilt
  • David Boas's group at MGH (does not require Matlab itself)