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I am a biology graduate from the 'Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris', France, received a PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA and trained in human brain plasticity under the mentorship of Helen Neville at the Salk Institute, San Diego CA. I taught at Georgetown University until 1999, and since then I have been in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department at the University of Rochester, NY. I recently joined the faculty at the Université of Geneva, Switzerland and changed my status at Rochester to a Research Professor.
My research combines behavioral and brain imaging approaches to study how humans learn and how the brain adapts to changes in experience, either by nature - for example, deafness - or by training - for example, playing video games. Recently, we observed that playing certain types of entertainment video games induces a vast array of improvements that extends well beyond the specifics of video game play. Based on these findings, my research now utilizes an array of converging methods to identify the factors that underlie brain plasticity and generalization of learning after video game play as well as attempt to harness the knowledge for practical purposes.