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BCS Graduate Program Ranked Among Elite Cognitive Science and Psychology programs

According to the recent National Research Council rankings, the graduate program in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester is ranked as high as 4th nationally among 236 PhD programs in Cognitive Science and Psychology (based on both the S-range and R-range measures). The BCS faculty ranked as high as 3rd nationally for research according to the Faculty Research Activity measure. The complete ranking information can be found at A sortable list of rankings can be found here.

Our research spans a large domain and straddles several disciplines in the cognitive, computational, and neural sciences. All of it is connected by the idea that to understand behavior we must study the processes—both neural and computational—that underlie it. While the faculty have active research programs on many topics, in several areas the department, in conjunction with the surrounding University community, has notable concentrations of strength. Some of these concentrations of expertise are in specific perceptual or cognitive systems; others cover broader theoretical issues that cut across systems and species.

Perception and Action

Language Processing and Acquisition

Learning, Development, and Neural Plasticity

Cognitive Neuroscience

Computation, Cognition, and the Brain

Research Approaches

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