Undergraduate Programs

Brain & Cognitive Sciences is home to two distinct undergraduate programs. One is a major in Brain & Cognitive Sciences, leading to a B.A. or B.S. in BCS; and the other is a concentration in Neuroscience leading to a B.S. in Biological Sciences: Neuroscience. Additionally, the department offers smaller sets of courses that provide a generous introduction to the field and allow students freedom to pursue topics of special interest. These are grouped in BCS clusters and a BCS minor. For information regarding our BCS Undergraduate Programs, contact our Undergraduate Coordinator.

Brain & Cognitive Sciences

The major in Brain & Cognitive Sciences offers undergraduates the opportunity to study the nature and products of mental activity: perception, action, thinking, language, learning, and memory. This new natural science discipline lies at the intersection of cognitive psychology, computer science, and neuroscience bringing these fields together to understand the activities of the mind and brain. The concentration is offered by the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences.


The program in Neuroscience (B.S. in Biological Sciences: Neuroscience) provides students interested in biology with an opportunity to explore the molecular, cellular, and physiological bases of behavior. Administered by the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences, the Neuroscience concentration is one of several tracks associated with the Program in Biology and Medicine. It includes rigorous preparation in math, physics, chemistry, and biology, accompanied by core and upper-level courses in Neuroscience offered by faculty in the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences.