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Study Abroad

BCS and Neuroscience students have participated in study abroad programs in numerous locations, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia, Ireland, Israel, Peru, China, and Thailand. Many programs offer courses in English. While not all programs offer BCS/NSC courses, it is often possible to arrange a student’s schedule to accommodate any program. For programs with cognitive science or neuroscience courses, we are happy to evaluate transfer credit for possible use in our majors. 


One of the more popular study abroad programs for BCS students is our study abroad exchange program with the University of Sussex in England. This program gives students in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences an opportunity to broaden their academic and cultural horizons while spending a semester or year in Britain, and students can continue to pursue their BCS curriculum by taking courses that supplement their program of study. Experimental psychology at Sussex is an internationally known center of excellence in teaching and research in the study of behavior as a natural science, and offers programs similar to those offered by Rochester’s BCS department.

The Sussex exchange program is designed for BCS majors in their junior year, although first semester seniors may also participate. Neuroscience majors and BCS minors may apply, but priority is given to BCS majors. Applicants to the Sussex program must meet the following criteria:

  • Satisfactory completion of both BCS foundation courses (BCS 110 and BCS 111)
  • Satisfactory completion of at least one of the BCS core courses (BCS 151, 152, and/or 153)
  • An overall GPA and BCS GPA of at least 3.0
  • An application approved by the BCS department and the Study Abroad Office

The University of Sussex is located just minutes away from the city of Brighton and Hove. This popular seaside resort area offers diverse opportunities for social and cultural entertainment, and is only 35 minutes away from London via public transportation.

Applying for Study Abroad

BCS and the Center for Study Abroad work closely so that you can get the most out of your study abroad experience. We recommend starting in the fall semester of your sophomore year by meeting with the BCS/NSC Undergraduate Program Coordinator and attending a Study Abroad Information Session. The Undergraduate Coordinator can discuss course options with you and help you arrange your schedule in Rochester to satisfy College and BCS or NSC major requirements. This will minimize complications and course overloads in your senior year. The Study Abroad Information Session will provide general information on programs, applications, and deadlines. The Study Abroad website has a schedule of Information Sessions, a searchable database of abroad programs, information on scholarships, and more. You can also meet in person with an advisor in the Center for Study Abroad in Dewey 2-147.

Once you have made a decision about when to study abroad and which program(s) to apply to, you must apply for approval from the Center for Study Abroad via the UR Study Abroad Portal. For students planning to study abroad in spring, this must be completed by September 15th of the preceding fall semester. For students planning to study abroad in fall, or for a full academic year, this must be completed by February 15th of the preceding spring.

Course Approvals

All courses that you intend to transfer back from your study abroad must be approved by the appropriate department(s). You will need a transfer course approval form and the syllabus for each course you plan to take. Course approval forms can be obtained from the Academic Services counter in Lattimore 312. For BCS and Neuroscience electives, the Director of your program can sign off on the courses directly. For courses you wish to use in your major that are not BCS/NSC content (e.g., biology electives, statistics, allied field courses), you must first get the approval of the department where the course would be offered if you were taking it at the University of Rochester. Once you have a signature from the appropriate department on your course approval form, the BCS or NSC Undergraduate Program Director can then sign off that the course can be applied to your major requirements. Both signatures are required to use the course as part of your major. Course approval forms and syllabi that are ready for the Director’s signature can be dropped off with the Undergraduate Coordinator in Meliora 363 for your convenience. If you are considering multiple courses or study abroad programs, it may be advantageous to get informal approval for your courses via email first.